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Financing with
finbc ONE-finance.

Without forward-looking financial and risk management, practically every company today is repeatedly faced with serious crises. With the ONE-finance approach, we create the integrated financial architecture necessary for sustainable corporate security. With finbc, you can determine on a daily basis when your company will need how much money, where you will always get your financing on time and where you can even save costs at the same time. You receive a continuous financial needs analysis and optimally structured financing. Everything in one place. Always and immediately available. Transparent and neutral. Including novel transaction and financing solutions beyond the limitations of traditional banks using state-of-the-art blockchain technology. This is the future of SME financing!

Invoice managment.

Invoice management should be easy to handle so that you can keep your head free. For the business. The next job. Or for your family. That’s why our claim in invoice management is to support and automate as much as possible without having to give up the steering wheel.

Digitization of invoices

At finbc all invoices are converted into a standardized structured format. So all invoices can be digitally processed directly.

Sending and receiving direct from the system

Send and receive invoices directly from the system with just one click. If you wish also fully automatic. Participants of the finbc platform receive invoices directly after the upload in fully digital form. And if your customers prefer to have the invoice in paper form, you can simply send it directly from the system using the e-Post service. This saves you printing and the trip to the post office.

Automatic dunning

The fully automatic dunning process creates more time to concentrate on the essential things. Settings can be individually adapted to customers or uniformly defined.

Integrated debt collection

Sometimes customers don’t pay. Our integrated debt collection function relieves you of this work and ensures that the outstanding receivables are collected.

Inline communication

The majority of all invoices require quick and easy coordination between the exhibitor and the recipient. With finbc and the integrated invoice chat, this is easier than ever.


Liquidity in the company is essential. The payment behaviour of customers often poses a great challenge to companies. Should the good relationship to the established business partners be risked with a hard pace of receivables? Or should the new order, where you have to invest in advance, be rejected? finbc offers you different solutions with fast access to short-term liquidity.

Invoice lending

Here your invoice to the customer is paid immediately by a partner. If your customer then pays the invoice on the due date, you simply pay the partner the sum plus the agreed fee back.

Framework and single factoring

With factoring, you sell your receivable to a partner and immediately receive the invoice amount less an agreed fee. The customer now pays the partner on the due date. The partner also assumes the default risk and further steps if your customer does not pay on time or does not pay at all. Usually, framework agreements are concluded with the capital providers for this purpose. With finbc this is also possible without.

Reverse Factoring

In factoring, the supplier assigns his claim to a partner. In reverse factoring, the buyer initiates the sale of his liability to a partner. In this way, the supplier receives pre-financing for his service and the buyer a longer payment period.


By combining factoring with and without a framework agreement, the advantages of both variants can be optimally exploited. The framework agreement ensures continuous liquidity, the individual factoring increases the overall quota as the unfinanced receivables can be offered to other providers on the platform. If desired even fully automatic. Thus a factoring ratio of up to 100% can be obtained. And best of all: Everything is done from ONE uniform system. Without any additional effort.

Payment processing

Despite trends such as Industry 4.0, the payment process between medium-sized companies is often still manual and involves time-consuming administrative tasks. However, payments without media disruptions are by no means a dream of the future.

Payments directly from the system

At finbc, invoices can be settled directly from the system. It is easy to choose whether the payment should be made immediately or at a certain time.

Invoice matching

finbc enables not only the automated payment of invoices, but also the receipt of payments. We assign the incoming payments to the appropriate invoices. And if there are differences, the payments can be assigned directly to an invoice with just one click using our suggestions.

Payments in foreign currency 

The payment of invoices in foreign currencies is often not only extremely complicated, but also expensive. With finbc, payment is as easy as with domestic currencies. You only have to specify the amount and general conditions, and we will take care of the rest for you.

Currency hedging (coming soon)

Foreign currencies are often subject to major exchange rate fluctuations against which one would like to hedge. But even here, the processes are cumbersome and associated with a high administrative effort. At finbc, currency hedging is already integrated as an option.


Business is going well and there is a surplus generated on the accounts. Much too sad and too expensive to leave unused. But tie it to an investment in the long term? This takes a bit of flexibility away from you. With finbc it is nevertheless possible to use the surplus capital profitably in the short term.

Invest in invoices

The purchase of receivables offers an attractive short-term investment that is also independent of current developments on the capital market. So far, such forms of investment have been reserved for special factoring companies and credit institutions. With finbc, however, every company can benefit from this form of investment.

Attractive conditions

The short-term provision of liquid funds is well rewarded by users. In factoring, for example, it is not uncommon for returns to exceed the market interest rates. Depending on the form of factoring and hedging, these can be up to 15% per year.

Integrated risk protection

The acquisition of a receivable is generally linked to the assumption of the default risk, the so-called del credere. In order to minimize this risk for investors, finbc offers integrated hedges at fair conditions.

trust and security

finbc attaches great importance to security and trust within the network. Therefore, all participants are identified according to banking standard practice. In addition, an independent system-guided transaction evaluation is carried out. This gives all participants the transparency they need to make financing and investment decisions with a clear conscience.